Monthly Summary: July

Month four of Run Big Year has come and gone. With only 9 runs and 53.45 miles covered this month has had less running than any previous month. I can also confirm that no donations were made so the charity total remains at £255.00 as of the time of writing. With this blog also struggling to attract readers is this a time of crisis for the Run Big Year Project?

Looking at the running side of things first there are a number of factors that led to the reduced number and distance of runs. I went away for a week and didn’t get much running done while I was away. However, while I was away I did take on some muddy trails and hills on the run that I did complete. This was good preparation for The Gauntlet Games, which I completed as the fourth event of Run Big Year. At the end of the month I also had a weekend off due to social commitments! Run Big Year is a long project and the occasional weekend off from running will do me good. For August I am planning on building up my distance running and setting new personal records for longest runs. As such there is no crisis in terms of running.

So what about the fundraising side of things? I would say that there is also no crisis here. With fundraising it is normal that there are peaks and troughs over the course of a campaign. Normally there is an initial flurry and there is also typically a large peak at the end. With a fundraising campaign that goes on for over a year there are always likely to be people who put off donating because there is plenty of time left and clearly there is nothing wrong with this. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t be happier with a higher total – but then that would be true no matter how much I had raised!

I will admit that I find the fundraising side of things a lot harder than the running. There is a strong social element to successful fundraising. As someone with Social Anxiety this can be more than a bit daunting for me. I make an effort to post on Twitter when I am at Run Big Year events but most of the time my account is silent. It is rare for me to actually interact with other Twitter users and just join in with the general conversation. Similarly when offline I am happy to talk about Run Big Year when people ask me about it but going beyond that is often too much. Is it any wonder that this blog has only a few readers?

Over the past month or two I have felt the strain of fundraising taking its toll on me. I am prone to feeling guilty that I am not doing enough or that other people would be much better at this than me. At the same time I feel guilty about asking people to give their money and don’t want to annoy anyone by going on about it all the time. I need to cut myself some slack! I can definitely improve in my fundraising but putting too much pressure on myself is not going to help this. Run Big Year is a long project and there is plenty of time left to improve. I have a few ideas about things that I want to try but this will be one step at a time and I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Incidentally I would love to know what other people feel like when they are fundraising. It’s very easy for my to say its more difficult for me due to my Social Anxiety but I genuinely don’t know what it’s like without the anxiety factor. I would also love to hear how other people manage any stress or anxiety that they have when they fundraise. Please do leave a comment if you have anything to say about this. Perhaps this might merit more consideration in a separate post later on?

Anyway back to summarising last month. I did less running but still feel in good shape and looking at some big mileage in August. The fundraising is in a bit of a lull and I need to try not to worry about that so much. Run Big Year is still going strong and there is a lot more to come. I started by asking if there was a crisis. My answer is that there is not. Instead I see this month as a bit of a regrouping, a month of recharging a bit ready for the next stage. I’ll be back to let you know how that goes.

P.S. If my fundraising angst has not put you off and you would like to make a donation then you can do so here. Run Big Year is supporting Mind, HMSA, Save the Children, Cancer Research and Llamau.



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