Monthly Summary: May

  • Number of runs: 10
  • Distance run: 61.63

No races + no records = nothing to write about?

May was always going to be a quiet month in the grand scheme of all things Run Big Year. I had booked no events and so the focus was very much on training and getting myself in shape for the events to come. It didn’t all go to plan but it did include a useful long run to build towards half marathon distance and beyond. I also signed up for the Swansea Half Marathon so I will be racing in June.

At the start of May I was feeling quite tired, which was more due to issues with poor sleep rather than running. Nevertheless I did take the first two weekends off from running, which is why my run count and distance are both down from last month. It was at this point that I signed up for the Swansea Half Marathon and this did motivate me to kick on for the rest of the month. This then saw me complete longer runs of 9 and then 12 miles plus over the remaining two weekends. With this under my belt it should be a relatively straightforward matter to get set for Swansea at the end of June.

With little else to say about May I may as well look ahead to June – my apologies for this blog being so late that a third of June has already passed! June will include a holiday in Pembrokeshire so there¬†will be a bit of off-roading in advance of July’s Gauntlet Games. I’ll also look to do a few more long road runs ahead of the Swansea Half Marathon at the end of the month. Unfortunately I have not run the Swansea Half before so I’m not in a position to write a preview of the race. Any one fancy writing a guest blog for me? If so then please do get in touch.

And that is about that for this summary. June should be a bit more eventful and I should have plenty more to write about soon. Until then, farewell!


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