Monthly Summary: April

This was the month when Run Big Year finally started properly. My aims with this project included doing lots of races, setting personal bests and raising over £1000 for 5 charities. April truly delivered a flying start to this project with 2 races, 1 personal best and over £200 already raised. So what were the highlights of the month and what is next for Run Big Year?

On 2nd April I took on the CAVC Cardiff Bay Run, a scenic 10K race that represented a rebirth of the old Cardiff Bay 5 Mile Race. This scenic race took place in glorious sunshine and took in some stunning views. My expectations were that I would not be at my best for this race but I ended up only 3 seconds outside my 10K personal best. Along the way I also improved my Garmin Personal records for a mile and 5K to 7:41.9 and 25:06 respectively. I loved this race and couldn’t have asked for a better start to Run Big Year.

After the Bay Run I settled into a training routine of three runs per week. Tuesday mornings were generally runs of about 5 miles. Thursday runs were short runs to train up for my first 5K race at the end of the month. The weekends saw me building up longer runs ahead of taking on tougher races later in the year. My toughest workout was a 5.3 mile run out to Whitchurch, followed by a walk round the route of the Cardiff 5K Race for Victory and then a 7.03 mile run back from Whitchurch. The run back was tough and I did have to walk at some points. Overall though, I was happy with my form and training and felt in pretty decent shape by the end of the month.

The 30th April saw me take on the Cardiff 5K Race For Victory. This was something of a novelty for me as I had never before run a race as short as this and had never before run an evening race. As this was my first 5K I knew that it would be a personal best whatever time I ran but I was keen to set a good time and make sure that it beat my Garmin Personal Record for 5K set earlier in the month. The race went almost exactly as I had planned it and I improved my Garmin Personal Record for a mile to 7:22.2 on my way to a time of 23:53 for the race.

Overall April was a successful month for Run Big Year. May will not be as eventful as I have no races planned for this month. In terms of running this will mean a focus on training. For the blog this will hopefully give me the chance to write a couple of pieces about the charities that I am running for (Mind, Save the Children, HMSA, Llamau and Cancer Research). Beyond that I am considering signing up for the Swansea Half Marathon in June before taking on obstacle races in July and September. There is a lot more running still to come.



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