Monthly summary: March

  • Miles run: 50.55
  • Number of runs: 10
  • Races run: 0
  • PBs set: 0

This is the first of a series of regular monthly updates to let you know how I’m getting on with Run Big Year. Of course Run Big Year doesn’t start properly until the first race on 2 April 2017 so this update is more to let you know what to expect from future updates than anything else.

I am relying on my trusted Garmin Forerunner 10 and Garmin Connect to record details of my runs. As such please prepare for future inaccuracies when I forget to charge my Garmin!

In my introduction I mentioned that I was looking to set some personal bests along the way. It is therefore worth noting what these are currently so that I can look back at the end of the whole thing and see how I did. I have included official race times where applicable, otherwise the information below is from my Personal Records section on Garmin Connect. Where these are official race times I have noted where the record was set:

I should point out that the 1km and 1 mile times have been set during longer runs and as such there is considerable scope to improve these on shorter runs. I have also only run 10K and Half Marathon Road races so far – possibly I should look at fitting a 5k in at some point during Run Big Year. The farthest will of course need to nearly double if Run Big Year goes to plan!

Well that’s about it for this monthly summary. April’s should include a bit more running and will look back on the CAVC Cardiff Bay Run (see my preview here).


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